Black Hollywood & African Print


Celebrities like Beyonce, Lance Gross, Pharrell Williams,and Rihanna are but a few of many Hollywood stars sportin’ African prints. But is this adornment of African fashion a trend, fashion faux pas, or is Black Hollywood finally embracing their “roots”?

Inquiring Ankara fashion gurus wanna know… do Black celebrities embrace the cultural context through which these clothes are made, or do they wear them merely because the bold prints and bright colors help set them aside from typical day-to-day fashion trends? Who’s to say?…  And moreover, does anyone care?

The ongoing debate is whether or not a person HAS TO, “embrace Africa” in order to wear African print, or is it simply “ok” to wear print because it looks “nice” or “stylish?”

Despite questioning the intent of those celebrities who adorn African garb, it’s great to see African fashion receive global notoriety! Formerly, notoriety and Africa would seem to be antonymic-with the media oversaturating the public with misleading stories about religious conflict, poverty, and disease-driven pandemic. Black Hollywood wearing African print helps to give the world a mental break from the exacerbated atrocities that we’ve forcefully grown accustomed to.

All things considered, double-handed hi-five to our Hollywood brothers and sisters expanding the spectrum of stylish fashion by way of African print.

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  1. Willy says:

    Good point! African garb, especially on celebrities, does present Africa with a certain type of honor and dignity not often expressed by mainstream media

  2. chinonso says:

    i love your article ….. black celebrities should embrace african culture and the african prints and designs.

  3. Kiersten says:

    I think they are embracing Africa. These artist and actors mentioned above make statements with what they wear so they wouldn’t be wearing it just because the color makes their skin pop. Also too they may not have been born in Africa but they are of African descent so embracing and having the platform to show “embracing” is a must for peers and adolescents who were not born in Africa and may be mis-informed about their own roots/culture…it starts a conversation much like this one Great blog!

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