Founder, Linda is part of the Igbo ethnic group and grew up in Southern Nigeria. As a young girl she was inundated with beautiful local fabrics (name “Ankara”) and colorful local marketplaces populated with rich colors of food, fruits, and savvy business women selling prints for clothes-making.

Linda’s creative mind was cultivated near her grandmother’s feet where she would watch her sew beautiful designs using many of the fabrics she’d recall from the marketplace. She realized that feeling beautiful did not have an economic correlation. She witnessed people of all kinds adorn themselves in her grandmother’s designs, embracing their culture and relishing in their individual style.

Linda was inspired to continue her grandmother’s legacy and to create culturally relevant and edgy pieces with global reach. She envisioned a clothing line that would use fabrics and inspiration from otherwise under-celebrated places/countries throughout the world. She was not aware of any fashion houses creating pieces that were culturally inspired, yet made with a contemporary street-style twist. She wanted people to boldly use fashion to embrace the cultural diversity of the world by using traditional fabrics in an urban context.

This line became MIDGETgiraffe, established January 2015. MIDGETgiraffe continues to be a trend-setter in print fashion.